GDPR General Data Protection

Seasoned (30 years+) experienced GDPR experts

Schouten Advocaten is a boutique legal office  of senior legal experts specialized in (amongst others) GDPR advisory services in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Headed by mr drs Romeo F. Kadir MA Msc LLM (Adv.) LLM EMBA EMoC we offer top notch legal advisory services for businesses and corporate practices.  Our European and international outreach as GDPR experts is characterized by frontbenching at the latest developments in the field of privacy and dataprotection legal management developments. In this context Schouten Advocaten is (among others) actively involved with:

  • EuroPrivacy member of  the International GDPR board of experts
  • European Association for Data Protection Professionals (EADPP) Chair Certification Committee for Data Protection Professionals

GDPR advisory service for daily business practices

The business advisory section of Schouten Advocaten is highly appreciated by clients due to its nature of being ‘concise and precise’. t 6

Interests of our clients at the core of our services

Schouten Advocaten takes pride of the fact that the measurable client oriented focus for realizing added value for business practices actually lead to:

  • Prevention of GDPR overkill
  • Realising Unique (GDPR) Selling Points (USP’s) for our clients

Expert InCompany GDPR solutions

From 2002 onwards Head Privacy & Data protection of Schouten Advocaten has been intensively and professionally involved with many Privacy implementation trajectories with an array of different private (listed and non-listed) and public companies in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

For many companies Schouten Advocaten has been able to ‘make a difference’ by means of tailormade GDPR incompany trajectories, projects at board, management and strategic levels.

Second GDPR expert opinion

GDPR experts from Schouten Advocaten are appreciated for their ‘value added’ second GDPR expert opinions which are enhanced insights for daily corporate practices.

GDPR related news releases of Schouten Advocaten

GDPR expertise from GDPR lawyers of  Schouten Advocaten are regularly invited as GDPR delegate speakers, presenters to share insights with larger professional audiences. Recent invites involve the following GDPR events.

·        European Data Protection Board (EDPB), Guidelines Monitoring Bodies

·        WTC Rotterdam, European Big Data Analytics Conference (2019)

·       InfoSec Benelux VIP Dialogue, Schouten Advocaten panellist  ‘ serious security culture’